Here's an assortment of Astronomy & Space topics that I'm asked about the most.



Sky Watching Links


     Heavens Above  

                  This is an amazing web site where you can find out about all things happening in the sky!

  • See the International Space Station from your backyard! 
  • Show constellations and planets by date and hour.
  • Identify satellites passing overhead.
  • Sunrise/set, Moonrise/set times and Moon phases.
  • Much much more...

                   (Note: After you first identify your location, bookmark the site so you can skip that step next time.)


     Monthly Sky Map 
                   Print a free map showing this month's evening constellations, visible planets and special happenings!


     Space Weather

                   News and Information about the Sun-Earth environment.


    This Week’s Sky At a Glance 

                 Observing tips and celestial events for the week.  Published every Friday.



Learning Astronomy  

     Astronomy Picture of the Day - a daily photograph with a professional explanation.

      Sky View App (Free) - this is a great easy to use app that helps you learn the night sky.

      Beginner's Book - The Stars: A New Way to See Them  (ISBN: 978-0-5471-3280-8)  $13

      Reference Book - Nature Guide: Stars and Planets  (ISBN: 978-0-7566-9040-3)  $15





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