Paul Cirillo


Paul has been fascinated by astronomy and space missions all his life and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the public.
Paul is a member of the New Jersey Astronomical Association, which operates the largest public observatory in New Jersey.  In 1998, he organized Somerset County’s 4-H Space & Astronomy Club and was its leader for ten years.


He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University and is a volunteer outreach “Ambassador” for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Paul has an easy style of communicating, which allows diverse audiences to easily understand and enjoy his presentations on the wonders of the universe and how we are exploring it.  His presentations always include the very latest astronomical images from observatories both on and off the Earth!  

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March 2016 - Parsippany Life article: - An Astronomy Adventure!


April 2024 - Bedminster News article - Solar Eclipse



Thank you! That was a really fun and informative presentation!


Nancy Aravecz Shah – Director - Florham Park Public Library   July, 2021

Paul -  I couldn't let another day go by without letting you know how much I enjoyed your Astronomy 2 class ! 

I took Astronomy 1 with you last year and enjoyed both classes thoroughly! 

You are an amazing instructor and your personable approach to a sometimes difficult subject made the class even more rewarding! 

I also enjoyed how you managed to insert some humor when it was least expected.


I grew up in Montclair, NJ - home of Buzz Aldrin.  When Buzz "returned to earth", the town of Montclair had a huge parade for  him. I made a huge decorative sign that read "Buzz - thank you for putting Montclair on the moon."  and I waved it proudly as he was driven by in the parade.  He had the driver stop, got out of the car, walked up to me and said, "No, thank YOU Montclair, for putting Buzz on the moon".  I will never forget that moment!


Thank you again for your wonderful presentations!  I am now addicted to looking skyward for the ISS and my neighbors have often asked what I am doing outside in the middle of the night!


Valerie M.    May, 2021

On behalf of the Bernards Township Library, I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful programming you have hosted for us over the last several years. It would not be summer at BTL without a Paul Cirillo space program offering (or two or three). You are not only a pleasure to work with, but your programs are extremely informative, engaging, well-paced, interesting and (yes) fun too. I applaud you for helping to educate the public about the wonders of the universe we live in. Thanks Paul!

Maureen – Program Coordinator - Bernards Township Library      July, 2019

We had such a great time last night! We've never had an audience that was so engaged and enthusiastic.  Everyone really enjoyed it, and even die-hard Star Trek fans learned something new.  Thank you so much for a wonderful program.

Catherine - Assistant Director - Verona Public Library, NJ    July, 2019

My husband and I saw your presentations during our cruise on the Royal Carribean Adventure of the Seas last June. Your presentations were the most interesting events of the whole trip!  I am always amazed how people can just talk about topics with such knowledge, and not use notes as you do!  You're easy to listen to and we really appreciate how you bring this subject to a level anyone can understand.

Monica & Paul - Royal Caribbean cruise passengers    June, 2019

Thank you once again for an enthralling lecture on the Solar Eclipse!   Despite the heavy rain, at least 32 people made the effort to come and hear you and they were not disappointed. 


Trailside appreciates the intellectually stimulating talks you offer here.

Trailside Nature Center - Mountainside, NJ    May, 2017

As usual your presentations were out of this world!  What you do to encourage the fifth graders studying the Solar System at Eisenhower School, brings their learning to a higher level.  Their inquiry has been ignited… their questions and wonderments are endless. 

Thank you so much for meeting with over 400 students/staff and sharing your passion for the universe with us all.   


The most valuable part of the presentation was:

“His knowledge-models were great!”
“Questions and answers from kids-their enthusiasm… pictures.”
“All the new knowledge that I gained from this experience.”
“The dynamic he allowed for with the kids and the great slideshow”
“Mr. C’s enthusiasm and kid friendly visuals”
“It was awesome!”


M. P.     Eisenhower School - Bridgewater, NJ

What an enjoyable, informative hour. Very little set-up and take-down. Paul makes science fun.
Highly recommended for most ages. 


Heidi Schwab - Program Coordinator - Hoboken Public Library, NJ    Oct, 2016

The program was a huge hit!  We had a sell-out crowd before the weather took a small toll. but everyone was delighted with the program.  We loved the audience participation you encouraged, and all the fascinating facts that you delivered in such a fun way!  You are really skilled at delivering information for every level in the audience -- from young children to adults.
We hope you will come back again soon! 


Jeanne - Executive Director - Schiff Nature Preserve, NJ    Oct, 2016


Thank you note from a student in my Astronomy Community Adult Class.